Why there’s Chemistry

Why Chemistry Matters.

Zedbed chemistry, pure magic

When you think of choosing a mattress, you probably first think of comfort and value – but you might be missing out on the magic that makes for a great night of restorative sleep. That’s where the artful blend of premium elements combines for a magical blend of comfort, support and infused cooling gels that is unique to each hand-crafted Zedbed.

Each Zedbed mattress and pillow benefits from nearly 30 years of perfecting formulations, carefully blending artisan foam to ensure maximum body conforming comfort, innovative cooling properties and unmatched quality practices. So you see, the chemistry is undeniable in every Zedbed sleep surface.

Zedbed luxury is the artful balance of science and comfort

Our dedicated team of sleep specialists and craftsmen create a luxurious balance of comfort, support and long-lasting quality. Beyond the most uniquely formulated foam and latex mattresses in the industry, there is also a full line of bedding accessories including pillows, motion bases, foundations and mattress protectors … all made with meticulous attention to detail since 1994.

Specialty foam, all natural ingredients

Specialized foam and the infusion of all-natural elements are the hallmarks of Zedbed mattresses and pillows. Every step of the design process includes comfort, long-lasting quality and your well-being. Elements such as lavender, copper, silver, Ylang Ylang, and citrus are selected for their antibacterial and health-related properties. Subtle infusions in our mattresses and pillows to enhance sleep quality. Discover for yourself the ZedBed difference – the chemistry is undeniable.

There’s comfort in a career at Zedbed

Our dedication to wellness and comfort are the driving forces behind every high quality, handmade product that we design. Though small in size, we have big ideas. Our company pioneered small batch, artisan foam mattress manufacturing nearly 30 years ago, and innovations continues to evolve to this day. Join our smart, forward-thinking team where your contributions will matter.

instant chemistry
with our mattresses

You’ll feel the difference starting with your first night’s sleep. We craft artisan infused foams and latex mattresses in our own factories with specially-formulated, hand poured recipes. Zedbed comfort is unlike any other.