Why there’s Chemistry

Chemistry means better products and better sleep

When you think of mattresses, you probably first think of comfort and value – but you might be missing some of that magic spark that makes for a great night in bed. It’s all about chemistry and at ZedBed, we are determined to make sure it stays in the bedroom.

We’ve spent almost 30 years perfecting our own foam formation, a careful blend of chemistry developed by our own sleep experts to ensure maximum body conforming comfort, innovative cooling properties and unmatched quality. So you see, the chemistry is undeniable in every Zedbed foam and latex mattress. We’re sure you’ll feel the same every night you lay down to sleep and every morning when you wake refreshed.

The perfect balance of science and comfort

Our team of sleep specialists and scientists has dedicated their careers to finding the perfect balance of well-engineered products for maximizing comfort, support and long-lasting quality. Beyond the most uniquely formulated foam and latex mattresses in the industry is also a full line of bedding accessories including pillows, power bases, foundations and mattress protectors all made with the same attention to detail since 1994.

Specialized foam and all natural products

Specialized foam products and the infusion of all natural elements is the hallmark of Zedbed mattresses and pillows. In every step of the process and with every design decision, health, durability and comfort are paramount. Elements such as lavender, copper, Ylang Ylang, and citrus are all selected for the their antibacterial or health related properties and subtly infused on our mattresses and pillows to enhance product value and sleep quality. See for yourself the ZedBed difference – the chemistry is undeniable.

There’s comfort in a career at Zedbed

Imagine waking up every day and being surrounded by the most technologically-advanced bed manufacturer on the planet. Sound pretty good doesn’t it? We are always looking for passionate, skilled individuals who want to be a part of a family who produces the most comfortable products in the world.

instant chemistry
when you sleep with us.

Sleep with us and it’s immediate chemistry between you and your bed. We craft infused artisan foam and latex mattresses in our own factories with our specially formulated, hand-poured recipe.