Pillows that can change the way you sleep.

Featuring specially formulated VX memory foam combines memory foam comfort with high density foam support.

Designed with gel-infused memory foam Breeze Flakes allows sleepers to adjust head and neck support as the flakes are moveable within the Cool Max® fabric encasement.

VX Breeze Flakes
This pillow is shapeable with independently moveable memory foam Breezeflakes with gel-infused crystals. Combined with Cool Max® fabric, you can experience natural conforming support and a cool night’s sleep without the worry of excess perspiration. 

  • Soy Based
  • Water Based
  • Natural BreezeFlake adjustable support
  • Cool Max® non-removable cover
  • Gel infused cooling crystals
  • Moldable mid level firmness
  • Instant shape recovery
  • 4.5” height, queen

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