Top-to-bottom mattress protection extends the life and health of your mattress and adds to your comfort.

Protect your mattress top and all sides

Quality stitched and crafted to provide years of protection on five sides of your mattress, including the top and all four sides. This high quality mattress protector is hypoallergenic with a three layer design that includes an outer liner designed to repel moisture.

  • Protects 5 sides of the mattress – the top and four sides
  • Three layer advanced technology
  • Seamlessly fits any shape mattress
  • Interior waterproof membrane protects against liquids
  • Allow proper air flow for temperature regulation
  • Exterior membrane repels moisture
  • Precise stitching keeps out dust mites and allergens
  • Ideal for foam and latex mattresses
  • Can be used for innerspring and air mattresses
  • Enhances safety and protects from staining
  • Limited lifetime Warranty 
  • Available for all sizes and thickness, from 8” to 16”