High-density latex always returns to its original shape - instantly and comfortably.

The pressure-free feeling of natural latex infused with copper.  

Our propriety latex and foam formulation only gets better with infused copper adding an element of cool, healthy sleep benefits. Copper is naturally antibacterial and is known to be a great disperser of heat, so it helps to maintain a cool and comfortable sleep environment, not to mention is many health benefits. Retains its showroom quality for years to come, you’ll love a copper infused latex sleep experience.

  • Copper is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Copper encourages brain regeneration during sleep
  • Unique design for greater air circulation is enhanced by copper
  • Water-based manufacturing process
  • Latex offers natural support and eliminates pressure points
  • High performance latex instantly returns to form
  • Specially formulated high-quality latex and foam
  • Temperature resistant for consistently cool sleep

Cool and Comfortable. Just like you.

Mattress Specifications

TwinTwin XLFull/DoubleQueenKing 
FirmPlushUltra Plush
11” Total Mattress Height
5” Total Comfort Layers
2” “Duvet Style” Cotton Top Panel 
2” Air Flow Comfort Layer 
1” Comfort Support Layer
13“ Total Mattress Height 
5” Total Comfort Layers 
2” “Duvet Style” Cotton Top Panel  
2” Air Flow Comfort Layer  
1” Comfort Support Layer 
15” Total Mattress Height 
5” Total Comfort Layer 
2” “Duvet Style” Cotton Top Panel 
2” Air Flow Comfort Layer 
1” Comfort Support Layer 

Performance Proven

Naturally Cooling

All of our mattresses utilize technology that keeps you cool all night long. You can rest assured that no matter the weather, you’ll have a great night’s sleep. 

Our Warranty

We are 100% committed to giving you the mattress of your dreams. We are constantly improving our methods to make your sleep experience the best it can be. 

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