Pillows that can change the way you sleep.

Full body support with adaptable memory foam flakes and all the benefits of gel infused cooling comfort

Prepare to be cradled to sleep by the Zedbed body pillow that hugs your head, neck and shoulders offering full-body comfort with a specialized foam flake interior to allow for optimal distribution of cooling comfort that your body craves.

Body Hugging Pillow
The ZedBed Body Pillow distributes support to your head, neck, and shoulders. It is ideal for side sleepers and expectant mothers with enhanced body conforming stability and independently moveable memory foam flakes. Add an incredibly breathable design with infused cooling gel crystals and a 100% cotton pillow cover an a supportive, comfortable and cool night of sleep awaits.

  • Soy Based
  • Water Based
  • Full body conforming support
  • Moveable memory foam flakes
  • Breathable, cooling fabric
  • Gel infused cooling 
  • Moldable mid level firmness
  • Adaptable shape recovery

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