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A broad selection of natural, high-quality pillows for a better night’s sleep.

This highly adjustable base offers a great level of relaxation, making it ideal for reading and watching TV.

Designed to facilitate activities such as reading and watching TV, this base offers a unique blend of relaxation and customization.

Ideal for activities in bed such as reading, watching TV or using a tablet, it can even be installed on a regular bed frame.

Two independent motors for your back and feet to give you the most customized sleep experience possible.

This luxury base includes technology that links comfort, convenience, and sleep intelligence to make a highly customizable experience for the most important 8 hours of your day.

Epitome offers a fully adjustable bed base experience like never before, with almost infinite custom comfort positions.


We offer botanical infusions of citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lavender in our pillows to positively impact sleep and comfort. These elements help to naturally promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase energy, many with the added benefit of antibacterial properties.

instant chemistry
with our mattresses

You’ll feel the difference starting with your first night’s sleep. We craft artisan infused foams and latex mattresses in our own factories with specially-formulated, hand poured recipes. Zedbed comfort is unlike any other.