Infused Foam Mattresses

It’s a romance made from specially formulated, natural cooling foam that gives you the natural hug every body craves. 

It’s a match made in heaven that brings gel cooling technology to restful nights and refreshing days.

Take your sleep relationship to the next level with lavender infused foam that will renew your sense of quality sleep.

Waking up never never felt so good when in a copper infused foam bed with its natural regenerative qualities.

Coolest Pillows Ever

Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, find the pillow that’s your perfect match. From gel infused to those infused with natural elements, you’ll love the cool embrace of a a specially crafted Zedbed pillow.

instant chemistry
with our mattresses

You’ll feel the difference starting with your first night’s sleep. We craft artisan infused foams and latex mattresses in our own factories with specially-formulated, hand poured recipes. Zedbed comfort is unlike any other.


We offer botanical infusions of citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lavender in our pillows to positively impact sleep and comfort. These elements help to naturally promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase energy, many with the added benefit of antibacterial properties.