For Retailers

For our Retailer partners

You’ll always want to stay in bed with Zedbed

The chemistry is undeniable when partnering with Zedbed. Engineered into every mattress is over 100 years of combined mattress expertise, comfort technology and an obsession with perfectly formulated foam. Zedbed delivers an expansive product line, uncommon sleep innovation, quality craftsmanship and profit-driven sales support.

Zedbed allows you to offer your customers a wide range of foam and latex mattresses and pillows, adjustable power-bases and bedding accessories. Every Zedbed mattress is made with our own specially formulated foam and all are available with botanical infusions that make our mattresses unlike any other in the industry.

You’ll be comfortable with our sales support programs.

We’ve infused quality and craftmanship into every layer of our retail programs just like you’ll find with every Zedbed mattress you sell whether a chain of 1,000 stores or boutique sleep store of one.