Our pillow collection features a wide range of selection and botanically infused options best for back, side and stomach sleepers.

The most supportive comfortable pillow collection for however you sleep


A 5″ pillow height is best for back sleepers for uniform neck and postural support for better sleep night after night.


A pillow 4″ in height ensures that side and variable sleepers to experience optimal alignment, support and comfort.

Stomach sleepers

A 3″ pillow height is ideal for stomach sleepers for optimal postural alignment to wake every morning refreshed.


Exceptional foam comfort in three pillow heights for the perfect night of sleep. 


Natural cooling with moveable memory foam flakes and infused gel crystals. 

Body Pillow

Ideal for side sleepers and expectant mothers for head, neck and back support.

Natural elements promote
better sleep.

Citrus infused pillows

Fresh and clean scents of spring are hallmarks of citrus and are known to enhance emotional balance and tranquility.

Lavender infused pillows

There is no secret about lavender’s ability to promote calmness and wellness, reducing anxiety and even mild pain.

Jasmine infused pillows

Known for its antibacterial properties, Jasmine offers a natural means to uplift mood, boost energy and rejuvenate your body.

Ylang infused pillows

This unique floral scent promotes relaxation and is known to reduce stress and anxiety to help you fall asleep faster.

instant chemistry
with our mattresses

You’ll feel the difference starting with your first night’s sleep. We craft artisan infused foams and latex mattresses in our own factories with specially-formulated, hand poured recipes. Zedbed comfort is unlike any other.