Adjustable Bases

We’ve created a collection of high performing adjustable beds to lend customization to every part of your sleep experience. Guaranteed.

A sophisticated lineup of life-enhancing adjustable bases

When you choose a Zedbed adjustable base, you will experience the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. From our fully featured high-end options to economical price points, we have the adjustable base that is perfect for your lifestyle and your budget. Sit comfortably to work or watch TV and find your perfect level of sleeping comfort from head to toe.
  • Available with a variety of options and features
  • Virtually limitless back and leg positions
  • Select models feature position memory
  • Massage and under bed lighting available
  • Sophisticated engineering and high performing quality

Choose the base that’s best for your comfort

ZedFlex 2.0 Adjustable Base
All the adjustability without all the whistles and bells offers an enhanced level of relaxation, making it ideal for reading or watching TV.

Roby Flex Standard Adjustable Base
A decorative style with modern design and a range of head and foot positions offers a unique blend of relaxation and customization.

Body Motion Adjustable Base
Unmatched comfort with multiple zone adjustment, easy-touch wireless remote and two independent head and foot motors.

Epitome Adjustable Base
Ultimate adjustable comfort with infinite multi-zone positions, head tilt, massage, under-bed lighting and wireless controls.


We offer botanical infusions of citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, and lavender in our pillows to positively impact sleep and comfort. These elements help to naturally promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase energy, many with the added benefit of antibacterial properties.

instant chemistry
with our mattresses

You’ll feel the difference starting with your first night’s sleep. We craft artisan infused foams and latex mattresses in our own factories with specially-formulated, hand poured recipes. Zedbed comfort is unlike any other.