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All Zedbeds are made with natural botantical oils and minerals to induce sleep and promote overall health.

Lavender improves sleep quality, deters bed bugs and fosters natural mattress health.

Copper is known for its anti-microbial, anti-inflamatory and regenerative properties.

Soy bean oil replaces hydrocarbons while the mattress maintains maximum density. 

What’s between you and your bed?
Pure Chemistry.

Naturally perfect foam.

Specially formulated foam provides a sleep experience unlike any other foam bed. Choose all natural foam that keeps you cool and comfortable night after night or lavender or copper infused foam for their botanical sleep inducing qualities.

Body conforming latex.

The beauty of High-density latex is that it retains its shape for years of temperature regulated comfort. Choose from our all natural latex bed or copper infused model that promotes circulation and a healthy relationship between you and your mattress.

Healthier. Cleaner. Cooler.

You’ll never sleep around with some other mattress once you start sleeping with our copper infused latex bed. Copper, known to promote health and healing, are the perfect match for our specially formulated latex.

Coolest Pillows Ever

Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, find the pillow that’s your perfect match. From gel infused to those infused with natural elements, you’ll love the cool embrace of a a specially crafted Zedbed pillow.

Relax The Senses

We combine high-quality memory foam with the natural qualities of lavender, known to promote relaxation and calm. Our lavender infused foam bed will relax your senses with a welcome body hug night after night.

instant chemistry
when you sleep with us.

Sleep with us and it’s immediate chemistry between you and your bed. We craft infused artisan foam and latex mattresses in our own factories with our specially formulated, hand-poured recipe.